I am completely flummoxed. For many years- while I would never ever condone murder- I could totally appreciate the motive behind murderer Betty Broderick. Betty had been married to Dan Broderick for 20 years. During their entire marriage, she had worked her ass off for them both to get to the point where they couldContinue reading “Y’all,”


One of the craziest episodes of Forensic Files is Season 2 Episode 4. It is called Sex, Lies, and DNA. This is a 20 minute episode full of interesting twists and turns. It starts off with a report that a woman named Ruby Morris is missing. Cindy Morris (her daughter) calls and notifies the dadContinue reading “Y’all,”


I have become fascinated with why people do what they do. Especially people who kill- what causes them to snap? What gives them the ability to cross that line and take someone’s life? My research about this subject led me to find out about a very serious, but rarely discussed issue. It is called theContinue reading “Y’all”


I watched American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix this past week. I realized while watching, that sometimes we get so involved and fascinated with the murder part of the story that we forget about the real people who get hurt. As I watched Shanann Watts walk up to her front door and enterContinue reading “Y’ALL”


Who has seen the very first episode of Forensic Files- Season 1, Episode 1. This is one of the most fantastic morbid stories you will ever find on Forensic Files. It is about Richard Crafts. He was a handsome and successful airline pilot who was married to Helle Crafts, a beautiful flight attendant. After 11Continue reading “Y’ALL,”

Becoming Jenny Savage

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I became fascinated in the world of true crime but I would have to say that it must have began sometime around the Casey Anthony trial in 2011. I had already lived through the highly publicized trial of OJ in 1995. I was thoroughly uninterested in any part of theContinue reading “Becoming Jenny Savage”

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