Hi, I’m Jenny Savage. I love true crime so much I decided to write my own murder mystery.

Now, instead of digging through true crime books and blogs just for the fun of it, I get to do it all in the name of research for my book. In fact, I’m probably watching Investigation Discovery or listening to a podcast right now.

I’m certain I could be a murder suspect based on my Google search history alone, and nothing makes me happier than to flip on Forensic Files and listen to Peter Thomas talk about gas chromatograph-mass spectrometers. So yes, I’m that kind of true crime junkie.

Outside of the mystery and true crime world, I’m a pluviophile, selenophile, and bibliophile who was born and raised in Arkansas (God’s country), where I live with my cat (Letty) and a fish (Finn).

Most importantly, however, I am a single mother of two adult children. Being a woman, and particularly a single mom, has been a defining part of my life journey, and you’ll see those themes reflected in my characters and the stories I tell.