One of the craziest episodes of Forensic Files is Season 2 Episode 4. It is called Sex, Lies, and DNA. This is a 20 minute episode full of interesting twists and turns.

It starts off with a report that a woman named Ruby Morris is missing. Cindy Morris (her daughter) calls and notifies the dad Earl, who has just driven from Arizona to California. He has gone to California to supposedly visit another daughter. Police are also notified that Ruby is missing. The police arrive and begin to search for Ruby. They find possible blood evidence in her bedroom and bathroom. A sample of the blood is obtained and sent to the forensics lab to determine if it belongs to Ruby.

It is decided that familial DNA testing needs to be performed in order to prove that the blood belongs to Ruby. DNA from Earl and Ruby’s children is ultimately obtained and matched to the blood evidence recovered. However, when processing it, the paternity of the two older children comes into question. Earl is not the father. Further investigation reveals that the two older children’s father is actually their grandfather.

Meanwhile, Earl leaves his vehicle in an airport and flies home to “search for his wife”. His El Camino is later located in a California airport and is subsequently searched. Blood evidence is discovered in the passenger’s seat and floorboard. DNA proves the blood belongs to the missing wife, Ruby.

Dominoes start falling down all around Earl as his world falls apart. He learns who his children’s real dad is. Everyone learns that he has a mistress and that his mistress is Ruby’s sister. The police are closing in on him. They have easily and quickly determined that Earl killed his wife. He then drove to her to California, put her in his boat, drove the boat out several miles in the ocean, and then set it on fire, successfully disposing of his wife. Neither Ruby or the boat was ever recovered.

Fortunately for investigators, Earl is the kind of man who doesn’t realize he should stop while he is ahead. The trial moves forward but everyone is worried about the shaky circumstantial evidence, and not having actual proof that Ruby was dead. Luckily, Earl decides to testify. He swears under oath that Ruby was indeed deceased. He reports that he drove her to California and he disposed of her body in the ocean. He tries to convince the jury that Ruby committed suicide, but instead he strengthens the prosecutors case against himself.

Try to watch this episode if you can. You won’t be disappointed. I have gained practical knowledge through this Forensic Files episode. I now know to never kill someone, place that person in the passenger seat of my car, and then drive 400 miles across the country. Even if you put a hat on the dead person and no one notices your grotesque companion– any blood or fluids leaking from the body will definitely tell on you.

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