Becoming Jenny Savage

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I became fascinated in the world of true crime but I would have to say that it must have began sometime around the Casey Anthony trial in 2011. I had already lived through the highly publicized trial of OJ in 1995. I was thoroughly uninterested in any part of the trial -we all knew he did it- and I could not understand why the public was interested at all; I felt not even a smidgen of curiosity about how he did it.

I was a mother of two beautiful kids when the Casey Anthony trial came about- maybe that was the difference. I was morbidly curious as to how the “tot mom” could go on living a beautiful life – her words, not mine- according to the fresh tattoo on her chest with the words ‘Bella Vida’ which means a beautiful life). She wanted and received this tattoo only two weeks after her precious two year old went missing. I would have been devastated if I could not find my daughter. A beautiful life?? No, you would have had to pry me off the couch and out of a severe state of depression if my precious baby was missing. I just could not understand her mindset at all. I could not tell if she was even just a little sad about it.

Amazingly enough, both cases resulted in an innocent verdict for the accused. It made me sick that lawyers could and did- manipulate all the facts while ignoring truths. Their only goal was an innocent verdict – no matter what the deceased victims and their families had went through.

So somehow around that time, I developed an interest in true crime. But even more so, I began to be really curious about what makes people tick. What causes a person to kill? How do they have the ability to do something so tragic? Are they born that way or do they develop the ability over the years? I feel like it must take a certain hardness – an extreme lack of sympathy or empathy for a human being in order to take a life.

I began to watch ID tv (Investigation Discovery) all the time. I watched it every day I was not at work. I watched Forensic Files. One day, I driving around and I was thinking about how it was always the husband or boyfriend that murders the girl. I even had a shirt by then that said “the husband did it” and suddenly I had an inspiration. What if it looked like the husband did it but he did not really do it? What if the husband was actually a good person and was really innocent? But the cops involved were too lazy or just not good at their job and they were dead set on putting the husband -an innocent man- in prison? Then I went a step further, and I imagined my daughters’ boyfriend (now husband) who is absolutely a good man and would never hurt her. But if it looked like he had murdered her, and the cops were wrongly accusing him of her murder, how would I react? I would step in and help him, of course. I am pretty feisty when I get pissed off. I imagined telling off the detective and probably saying a few cuss words when telling him that I would do his job for him and find the killer myself if he was that incompetent.

So I wrote this book Seeds of Betrayal based on a fleeting idea of ‘what if’? Taryn is the main character and she just a normal everyday woman who loves her family and will do anything she can to help them, to protect them, to care for them. How far would YOU go to protect someone you love?

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