A savage collection of murder, mystery, and true crime stories and musings

How far are you willing to go for someone you love?

She was my world, now she is gone.

My heart refuses to believe whom the detective says murdered her.

I will search for the truth. No matter how hard it is. And get justice…

For Magnolia, my daughter

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Rooted in Darkness is a Prequel to Seeds of Betrayal

Young Taryn still believes in fairy tales. She dreams of finding her one true love and living happily ever after.
When she meets Daryl, she is sure she has found it. She is one of the lucky ones…
But things are not always what they seem.
After Taryn and Daryl get married and have a daughter, Daryl begins to change.
He becomes darker, colder, and harder to love.
How much should a person be willing to take? How hard should a person try to make the marriage work?
Taryn will give until she has nothing left.
But suddenly when Taryn has been pushed to her limits, Daryl is gone.
If the fairy tale does not work out, can Taryn make her own happily ever after?
Heartbroken, dreams shattered, Taryn will discover a strength inside her that she would have never realized she had.